We know you will receive a warm and sincere welcome every time you visit but here, we would like to take the opportunity to tell you what you might expect on a typical Sunday morning.

Our services have a blend of traditional and more modern hymns and worship songs with the words projected onto a screen and you will be invited to stand or sit during this time - however you feel most comfortable.  Woven into this time, are some readings from the Bible and a time of prayer before the speaker shares a message on a theme or passage from the Bible.  Children are an important and valuable part of our church family so we have facilities to accommodate them.

We do have a time for a monetary offering to be collected but this is primarily for those who are regular visitors to or members of the church.  It is perfectly acceptable to allow the collection pot to pass you by without you contributing to it but you may like to know that the money collected helps to pay not only for the costs relating to the building but also to mission work abroad and in the UK. 

We work hard to attain the targets we have set within our Mission Statement which is -

Swaffham Baptist Church seeks to glorify God:

*by being a fellowship where people can feel safe, wanted, valued and included

*by making Jesus known to our community and

*by making and equipping followers of Jesus

If you would like to know more, please don't hesitate to contact us through our 'Get in touch' page.

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